We care about you as the homeowner and want to make sure that your house is safe. We offer an electrical safety inspection. This inspection is not just any inspection but a 12-point inspection. This inspection allows us to see your home from all Sides let us help you move forward as a homeowner to have peace of mind. Peace of mind is the most valuable thing when it comes to being a homeowner.

Our technicians at Electrician Gulf Shores Alabama our electricians are not just good at what they do, they are also certified. This certification is most important when it comes to dealing with Outlets and wiring and your electrical box. Being certified ensures that you are not getting a short job done. There have been many times companies have come out to properties and cut corners for the company to save money. We are not that company. We are thorough and we make sure that we do not cut Corners so that you, as the homeowner, have peace of mind.

we work with your schedule Electrician Gulf Shores Alabama we will work around your schedule to make sure that we find the best time for you we know that it can be tricky when you are homeowner having a family having sporting events we will work around your schedule to make sure that we find the very best time for you we are here for you and we will work our very best to make sure that we find a great time for you. Days get busy and we totally understand busy schedules.

We work with businesses at Electrician Gulf Shores Alabama. We don’t just do Residential buildings, we also do commercial buildings as well as a business owner. It is hard to find time to make things happen. all we need is you to let us in the building and we are able to do exactly what we need to do we will do our inspection we can either hand you a physical copy of our inspection or we can email it over to you whatever is more convenient for you so as a business owner we totally understand that time is money. We would love to work with you and Make sure that your building is safe for every one of your customers to go in.

If you have further questions and would like to chat with one of our Representatives feel free to reach out to us at 251-490-2225 also reach out to us on our online chat and our representative will get back to you either through email or phone lines. Also feel free to visit our website to see our testimonial page. Our testimonial page is a great option for you to see what we do as business or values and our company. We have a long-standing relationship with every one of our customers and are known for great services in our area. Jrobinsonelectric.com

Electrician Gulf Shores Alabama | electrical boxes

Have you ever looked at your electrical box? As a homeowner it is very hard to find time to check on the things that most likely we need to check on the most. With an outdated electrical box it can become very unsafe. This electrobox is the hub for all the electricity that goes through your home. if this box is not working properly there can be a huge risk for a house fire. This is essential as a homeowner to keep up and make sure that you are not having an unsafe situation. Let us help you take care of this problem.

we will help at Electrician Gulf Shores Alabama the wiring in your home is also a major issue without healthy wiring in your house your house is extremely susceptible to fire The wiring is not just in the walls of your main floor on your house but there is also wiring up in your attic most people forget about the wiring in your attic most the time fires start in the Attic. due to the insulation it only takes one Spark.

We checked everything at Electrician Gulf Shores Alabama. Did you know that there are multiple different types of outlets. We have Outlets that have a ground on them. The ground is to keep electricity in the ground and not in your body. We also check every Outlet in your house to make sure that they are all safe for the areas that they are in whether they are in the bathroom, the kitchen, the sink or any place with water. If you do not have a specific ground type of Outlet we will replace the outlet to make sure that your house is safe.

We will inspect Electrician Gulf Shores Alabama. We will come out and do a 12-point inspection. It is essential for us to understand what is going on in your home. This inspection will allow us to look at your house from all sides to fully understand what you are going into. We care about you as a homeowner and want to make sure that we ensure success for you and your house. We will work with you and keep you going in the best Direction possible. After our inspections are complete, put together an accurate estimate and present this estimate to you. If you approve, we will talk with you about scheduling and get you set up on something.

if you would like to reach out to us and have a phone conversation further about the services that we offer feel free to reach out to this number at 251-490-2225 or visit this website in order to hear about our testimonial page for our long standing relationship with our customers who believe that we are the best in our area. Feel free to visit our website as we cannot wait to work with you and keep you, your home, your business and your family and all your loved ones safe. We can’t wait to work with you. We will see you then. Jrobinsonelectric.com