Who is a good candidate for providing a video testimonial?

We have become the highest rated and most reviewed electrician Gulf Shores AL can offer and it is not by accident. Not only do we strive to provide a truly great experience and deliver massive value for each and every client, but we do so with our clients knowing ahead of time that we plan to gather a video testimonial and a google review if their experience is good. This has given us a large competitive advantage because most people do not trust contractors and for good reasons. As a contractor who has set themselves apart, we here at J Robinson Electric want our clients to know that we are not just trying to solve their problems but we want to earn their trust and referrals.


Who actually gathers the video testimonials from our clients?

One of our quality staff members is usually the person to shoot the videos and then someone on our marketing team uploads them to our website. We do not hire outside help from photographers or videographers, it is a very informal thing, although it is very impactful.


Who cares about video testimonials?

The people who are watching video testimonials are the only ones who care about video testimonials. As it turns out, most people want to read reviews. Forbes reports that 91% of people read reviews before making a purchase. These people are the same people who we gather video testimonials from and for whom we display them for.


What happens during the video testimonial process?

We simply ask you a series of questions about your experience using a regular cell phone with a video camera. It is a very informal process. Of course we give you all of the questions we plan to ask you about your electrician Gulf Shores AL experience with us and make sure you have had time to review them and formulate an answer that aligns with your true objective view. Afterwards we will likely ask you to leave an objective google review for us as well.


What is the reason that you choose to use video testimonials over just written reviews?

We do both! We believe that the video has an unquestionable and unique impact on many online window shoppers. Our goal is to have hundreds of video testimonials and thousands of google reviews so that when our potential customers look us up online it is not hard to see that we are different from the competition.


What is involved in giving you a video testimonial?

The process of actually collecting the video is the main aspect of our video testimonial system however, there is some preparation involved beforehand. Collecting the videos comes after we have initially brought up the idea of leaving a video testimonial before we even complete the work. We want our electrician Gulf Shores AL customers to be able to plan on this step rather than spring it on them if we can help it. Once we get confirmation of willingness from our clients then we send them the questions to review before gathering the video at the time of final payment for the job well done.

When do you gather these video testimonials from your clients?

We gather these at the time of final payment to ensure that any final details or finishing touches to the project are all resolved and our clients are at their most satisfied.


When does the video get uploaded?

Someone from our marketing team uploads these videos once per week to youtube and to our website in order to continually grow our brand by focusing on consistent happy customer interactions to showcase.


When were these video testimonials gathered?

The videos on this page have been gathered intentionally over time as we work with electrician Gulf Shores AL clients and solve their needs. We have a strong cultural drive to see testimonials increase.


Where can you learn more about what customers are saying outside of this testimonial page?

We have many dozens of reviews from our happy customers, trade partners, employees, family members, and community members on our google business listing page. Searching the name of our company on google will result in lots of reviews to read without even leaving google!


Where do you typically like to gather these video testimonials?

We prefer to gather them at or near the area of the project that we worked on. This is not always necessary. In general we want these testimonials to be natural and genuinely produced with our customers in the locations we have performed work for them. That creates the most real and raw style of testimonials and provides our prospective clients with honest accounts of what we can do from those who are just like them and want to avoid hiring the wrong people.


Where are these videos coming from?

We only gather video testimonials from our electrician Gulf Shores AL clients that have given us permission to do so. Every video that you see here is from one of our clients. Some are contractors and home builders while others are from homeowners and business owners.


How do you do these video testimonials?

We simply just use a cell phone with video capabilities to collect objective feedback from our clients at the time of final approval and payment on the projects that we do.


How long will it take to shoot a video testimonial?

It only takes a few minutes to shoot an electrician Gulf Shores AL video testimonial because we are only asking a handful of impactful questions.


How often are you gathering these video testimonials from your clients?

Every time they will agree to doing them, we do them. We feel it is our duty to show the other contractors in the area what a happy client looks like.


Why do we collect feedback from our customers using video testimonials?

It is simply the most genuine, transparent, and transferable way to show our prospective clients what we are doing to solve their problems for other people just like them. We find that our trust factor goes way up when we provide so many references.


Why should I agree to provide a video testimonial?

If you are not camera shy and have had an experience that lends itself to providing objective feedback then out of the law of reciprocity and the kindness of your heart and the request of our quality staff member we hope you will consider being a valuable addition to our reference program by agreeing. There is no pressure but we do appreciate each and every video testimonial we gather.