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Who do we provide residential electrical services to?

We provide electrician Gulf Shores AL services to homeowners, landlords, investors, home builders, remodelers, and handymen. We get contacted by all of these types of individuals about fixing or installing various types of electricity on residential properties.


What are the most common issues we run into when working with residential customers?

We run into a lot of need for new home wiring for clients who are building a new home. Oftentimes we end up working for the home builder in the process but a large portion of our residential work is focused on new home wiring. We get a lot of calls about electrical safety inspections from homeowners that are looking to improve their home’s electrical wiring and electrical system.


When do you know if you need to call an electrician Gulf Shores AL?

Anytime you suspect that there is a problem with your electrical system as a result of noticing strange electrical smells, anytime you have a tripped breaker or GFI or GFCI, anytime you have had a lightning strike on or near your home. If you have plans to remodel or build a home, you will need a certified, bonded, licensed and insured electrician to perform the electrical work if you plan on sticking to the building code and avoiding fines.


Where can we learn more about your company and the services available

We have a lot more information right here on this page as it relates to the commercial or industrial services we provide. Another area you can learn more about us is our About Us page linked at the top of our website on the horizontal navigation bar above. Feel free to call or fill out the form on our website to get in touch with one of our qualified team members if you have any questions you are not finding the answers to on our website. Head over to the Contact Us page to review more FAQs and reach out to us if necessary. In the event that you have heard enough, schedule your free consultation and take advantage of our free 12 point electrical safety inspection.


How does the process work for a residential client?

Initially we have a nice and thorough conversation over the phone to determine if we are the best contractor to solve your problem. If we are then we will schedule a time to come out to your property and perform an initial inspection of the problem areas that you are wanting to get fixed along with our free 12 point safety inspection. After the inspections are complete, we put together an accurate estimate, present that estimate to you, and if approved then we schedule the work to be completed, finally when we complete the work we collect final payment and gather a review from our satisfied customers. If you are having any electrical issues currently, rest assured that it really is that simple. We are experts and know how to fix pretty much anything you could throw our way in a residential property.

Commercial Electrical Contracting | Electrician Gulf Shores AL


Who do we provide commercial electrical services to?



What are the common reasons why someone might need to hire a commercial electrician Gulf Shores AL?

If you are working on completing a commercial construction project and you find yourself needing an electrical expert that is certified, bonded, licensed, and insured then you are probably a general contractor of some sort and you are in the planning phases of a project. You might need the help of experts to develop an accurate price to report to your end customer on the cost of the electrical work needed to complete the project. Most often this is the reason why commercial work comes our way.


When is the soonest you could schedule a commercial electrical service to be completed?

We can always take care of emergencies as soon as possible, otherwise call to schedule for any service work you are needing. The schedule varies depending on a number of factors, but we can always give you a better idea simply by calling us.


Where is your service area for working with commercial electrical customers?

South Alabama and mainly in the Baldwin and Mobile County area. If you find yourself outside of that area, go ahead and give us a call, occasionally we take on projects outside of this range depending on the project details which we would love to hear about from you. Call us or fill out the form on our website so that we can get in touch and find out if we are the best fit for you and your project.


How will the process of working with your company on commercial electrical projects go?

First, after being contacted by a general contractor about their upcoming project, we make a decision on if that project is a good fit for our company. If it is a good fit for us, we work on giving an accurate estimate for all electrical services required for that project. If chosen by the general contractor to work on their project, we will assign a superintendent who will be responsible for carrying a quality electrical installation.

Industrial Electrical Contracting | Electrician Gulf Shores AL


What are the main types of industrial electrical services that you provide?

We work with fire alarm companies to help install fire alarm systems in large and small industrial buildings like steel mills and chemical plants to name a few. We provide general electrical services to industrial property managers like “shutdowns” or general electrical maintenance. Industrial buildings generally have a larger variety of potential electrical maintenance than your average commercial or residential property and thus usually require the attention of a licensed, bonded, insured, and certified electrician to do most of the maintenance and repair work.

If you are finding yourself in need of electrical assistance and you manage an industrial facility then we might be a good fit to help you solve your electrical issues. Please contact our office by filling out the form on our Contact Us page today or just pick up the phone and give us a call.