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Phone: (251) 490-2225

Who should reach out to us?

If you are in need of an electrician Gulf Shores AL that has experience fixing all sorts of electrical problems from residential to commercial to industrial and you want to work with a company that is highly rated and top reviewed then you should contact us today.


Who will you talk to when you reach out to J Robinson Electric?

We will have a qualified team member reach out to you over the phone if you fill out the form on this page. If you decide to give us a call we will always answer if we are available and we will always call you back promptly if we are unavailable when you call or if you call us after hours. Our preferred method for customers to reach out to us is through the web form on this page. We prefer to reach out to customers during normal working hours but we do respond to emergencies with existing clients on occasion.


Who designed the system for initial contacts with your customers?

Our leadership team determines the process for onboarding new customers. They have engineered the system to create a smooth transition from step to step. The first step is for us to get in touch with each customer over the phone. These initial contacts are fairly straightforward. We simply find out your basic information, we ask questions about your problem and what you are hoping to accomplish by reaching out to an electrician Gulf Shores AL rates highly. Once we have confirmed that your problem is something we can solve we will schedule a time to do an in person assessment of the problem so that we can provide a set of possible solutions.


What sorts of questions are you going to ask me on the first phone call?

In order to determine if we are a good fit for you and if you are a good fit for us we ask a number of different questions. The first questions we will be asking if you reach out to J Robinson Electrician Gulf Shores AL are the basics of your name, address, how you heard about us (for marketing tracking) and contact information in the event that we get disconnected during our conversation with you. Once we have the basic rapport established, we then begin exploring by asking about your issue. If you are having a problem we consider it an honor that you have reached out to us for a solution and we are as thorough as possible in gaining an accurate understanding of the problem so that we can easily determine if we are truly able to help you out. We will ask how long you have had the problem, if you have done anything to try to remedy the problem yourself before calling us, if you have called anyone else and or had anyone else try to solve the problem for you, when you would like to see the problem fixed, and whether or not you have experienced the problem in the past. We may also ask you about what your budget range for solving the problem is, if you have had any recent inspections, if you are aware of any other problems with your electrical system and sometimes we have to ask even more questions but generally those are specific to the various problems we get calls about while the previously mentioned areas of exploration are general in nature and we ask them of almost every client. If you want to know more about this subject and you find yourself looking for a solution to an electrical problem then please fill out the form on this page and we can get in touch to show you rather than tell you!


What do you want me to do if I am on this page right now?

If you are on this page and you are looking for an electrician Gulf Shores AL can offer you that is highly rated and reviewed then simply fill out the form! Or give us a call.


When is the best time to reach out via phone?

You can reach out to us during our electrician Gulf Shores AL business hours. We answer emergencies 24/7 but we have normal business hours from 7 AM to 5 PM.


When do you typically get back to customers?

We try to get back to our customers as soon as possible, if not immediately. We find that speed and quality need not be mutually exclusive and we know that our electrician Gulf Shores AL customers deserve both.


Where should I send an email if I need to reach you that way?

If you fill out the form on our website we are immediately sent an internal alert to call you. Outside of picking up the phone and calling us. Our business hours are 7 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday.


Where can I learn more about what services you can provide?

Head over to our services page to find out more about the types of electrical work that we do as the highest and most reviewed electrician Gulf Shores AL can offer you.


Where is your main service area for the services you provide?

We operate in the Baldwin County area and occasionally we go outside of that area but usually only for very large projects. If you are not sure if your project would be in our service area please give us a call today.


How much information do I need to have about my problem before reaching out?

We understand that the majority of our clients are not very familiar with electrical terminology and don’t really understand what their core “electrical” issue is beyond, “something ain’t right here”. As humans we are pretty accustomed to the electrical equipment we encounter in our everyday lives being in proper working condition so we are usually quick to discover if there is an issue even if we have no clue how to fix it. Just give us a call and walk us through what you are experiencing so we can see if our services will be necessary.